Democratized protocol for transportational

data on the Blockchain with built-in Zero Knowledge Proof.

Towards a connected World !

Moovin’s Protocol goal is simple, to provide a blockchain based solution to the vehicular data exchange between common users, companies and cities to help them provide a better product or service. The objective is to democratize and tokenize successfully access to data while rewarding the end user. The protocol will provide unprecedented behavioural understanding of how our cities function and will give an in-depth view of how we can tackle the coming of age of transportation.

A Protocol To Provide :


A platform that puts forward the privacy of it’s users by anonymizing its data right at the harvesting level with Zero Knowledge Proof built right in.


Built with gamification in mind. A protocol that is easy to use for the end user as much as well as for data buyers. This assures for crypto currency acceptance at every level.


Rewarding end users for sharing the data they provide builds trust and gives an incentive of usage. In turn this provides a reliable flow of incoming data on to the database.

The Blockchain

We use the blockchain to not only reward our end users but to also certify our data and give the platform an ubiquitous transparence. In this fashion everything is there for all to see with no hidden agenda and open to audits.


Our database is accessible to all that comes with the proper cryptocurrency. It also open for collaboration and is built on an open framework to allow other harvesting platform to connect granted they can certify their data via our side chain.

Open Framwork

Our Open Framework architecture means we have multiple API’s to allow third party providers to ear MOOVs by contributing to the database. Developers can also take advantage of the powerful solutions to build Apps and other services.

Putting People First !

Empowering users is our top priority. By allowing individuals to choose what they want to share and giving them a reward for contributing to the platform we put the user in the driver’s seat. The major concern in this is privacy, this is why our top priority is to ensure the privacy of everyone using the protocol to provide or access data. Security is the cornerstone of the protocol to ensure integrity of the users generating the data, considering the sensitivity of the information shared. It is in this mindset that we embedded Zero Knowledge Proof algorithms into our hardware and Blockchain. In this fashion we can never compromise sensitive data cause we never have it.

We are collecting data with the help of




Our Partners

Recent News

Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce we have joined the ENCQOR project to be ready for the incoming fullscale growth of the IoT markets. This partnership enables us to work on a 5G testing infrastructure in collaboration with world-class digital technology companies — Ericsson, Ciena, Thales, IBM Canada — and CGI to make sure Moovin stays [...]

A new addition to the team !

We are pleased to announce that Jared Polites is now part of the team. He is our PR & Marketing Strategist. Jared is a blockchain marketer and investor with experience marketing over 50 ICOs to date, raising over $400M. As a Venture Partner at Blockteam Ventures, Jared is responsible for sourcing and investing in new blockchain [...]

Moovin has a new CFO !

Working hard every day to build the best protocol out there has its challenges. As we continue building this project we are always striving to build the best possible team to meet these challenges. So it is with immense pleasure and privilege that we welcome Jason Dacosta as our newly appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) [...]

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